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Re: What Are You Currently Playing?

Post by Alunissage »

My Megadrive Mini 2 arrived so I've played some Eternal Blue! It's been so ridiculously long since I played, and I think it was around 2003-4 when I played it in Japanese (up to just after Borgan). I knew there were a lot of little cutscenes that weren't in the remake but I don't remember much of the details. My husband was watching and trying to piece out the Japanese -- he knows a bit more than I do but I remember a fair bit of the dialogue so between the two of us we're mostly getting it. Except that I haven't gotten back to it since arriving at Larpa because I started playing Silver Star Story Touch again.

Spouse wanted something light and played Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion. It was cute but rather more mean-spirited than I was expecting. He's now playing Tunic, which is doing an amazing job of feeling like we're playing a Zelda game for the first time in a foreign language that we're slowly working out. That's fully deliberate on the developer's part; you find pages of the game manual as you go and most of the text is in unreadable symbols with a few English words interspersed. I think more of it is turning into English as we go but I'm not positive. It really does remind me of importing games where I knew the basic idea but not that game's specific gameplay and had to try to figure out what the manual was saying from the pictures and my experience, which is pretty much how I first experienced several Zelda games before they started being released in NA and JP simultaneously.

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Re: What Are You Currently Playing?

Post by ShugoHanasaki »

Still playing Atelier Sophie 2. Afterwards I'm going to make a pit stop at LUNAR 1 and 2 on PSX again.

Then on to Legend of Heroes: Trails of Zer & then onto Star Ocean 6! (^.^)
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Re: What Are You Currently Playing?

Post by Sonic# »

I'm still waiting on my Mega Drive Mini 2. Until then, I've been playing Live A Live. I'm almost at the final boss. I appreciate the anthology of individual stories, their quirky experimentation with gameplay, and the way everything comes together toward the end. The only thing I dislike is that the last few hours certainly turn into a grind. I could stand navigating the final areas without a near-constant encounter rate.

I've also been playing Victoria III, a 19th century grand strategy game. After a couple of partial playthroughs I've stuck with Japan and learned the economic and political systems in the game. I do like that the game makes it viable (if challenging) to play as an anti-colonialist and anti-imperialist. But it feels like one of the more numerically-heavy strategy games. The moments of compelling emergent narrative are pretty thin and mainly in broad strokes, like inverting the Commodore Perry narrative and winning recognition from the international community after a successful naval war with the US. This will probably be a once-in-a-while game for me, like Stellaris or Civilization.

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