Finally playing on Android

For discussion of the iOS platform version of Lunar.
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Finally playing on Android

Post by Sonic# »

When the Android version of Touch came out, I was excited and fully intended to play it, but I realized after release that my phone was too old. I searched for ways to play it, but I had no luck. I was thwarted from playing a 25+ year old game by my sticking with a 6 year old phone.

After my old phone stopped charging via the USB port, I decided it was time to finally update. With a new phone, my first purchase was Lunar: SSST. I got through the White Dragon Cave yesterday.

So far, it's good! I love all the graphics and audio options. The script seems mostly what I remember with a few touch-ups; no strong opinions there yet. I'm already fascinated by the game again. My one story-significant thought so far is how Quark addresses Luna individually first. His address to Alex, in comparison, only happens because they completed the dragon trial. It feels like Alex has to earn the dragon's attention, whereas Luna already has it. (And it doesn't seem like Quark notices Nall at all, something I think we've talked about before.)

My only friction with this version is the mobile controls for movement, but this is probably because of my lack of experience playing on mobile. After an hour, the movement feels OK.

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Re: Finally playing on Android

Post by Omegazero108 »

I noticed the touchups myself. I think they wanted to keep the game as true to the WD version as they legally could. (Played SSST alongside a friend who was going through SSSC)

Honestly though, I got the impression Quark was gonna address everyone one at a time, but Ramus spoke up about the Dragon Diamond thinking back put the trial forward. Luna as you said though grabbed his attention first though thinking about it, but wasn't that true in the original game too?

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