Forums got a new look?

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Forums got a new look?

Post by phyco126 »

The forums look so... stocky. What happened to the sprites and such to designate post status?

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Re: Forums got a new look?

Post by Kizyr »

Sorry about that... Had to upgrade to keep current and eliminate bugs and this was a side effect.

Level of customization may not be worth trying to re-implement though; if we have that time it's more likely we'll try to just move to Discord officially (and archive what's here). Not certain yet, though.

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Re: Forums got a new look?

Post by DevNall »

No more forums? :'(

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Re: Forums got a new look?

Post by Alunissage »

I'd prefer forums too but I've almost never used Discord so I don't have much to compare with. But being able to look at all the past conversations on things at once is invaluable to me.

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Re: Forums got a new look?

Post by ShugoHanasaki »

Discord....Forums are vastly underrated in this day and age. I will certainly miss the old sprite look...But Discord is just so full of drama...There's so many youtube videos pointing this out. While I am not assuming you guys will have drama in your future server...Discord is just bleh...imo
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