Just finished another run of Lunar 2.

For discussion of Lunar: Eternal Blue, the remake of Lunar 2 for Saturn/Playstation and all its translations
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Just finished another run of Lunar 2.

Post by VidKid369 »

It still hits pretty hard. I'm starting to get to know Jean's storyline a little better at first I used to get so confused and thought her storyline was a little convoluted but I took it slow this time and read everything really slowly and she's pretty complicated of a character and she's turning into a favorite.

I still really like Lemina I think she's a good character relief.

I'm still very uninterested in the villain I just think they're 1-dimensional and just wanna kill you. and das' it


Still a very good game nonetheless. I usually play a Lunar game once every Christmas but I might take a break this upcoming year, and just play another Working Designs game maybe Growlanser III, or Vanguard Bandits - I still have to do all 3 branches in one save load. Or just like whatever, really. Or maybe even give Arc the Lad Collection another run-through. I usually like doing longplays as in taking my time and playing for like 100 hours. lol I used to play them a lot in High School but now that I'm an Adult I kinda get it more and it's fun to do analysis and speculation on ea. game and the mysterious company itself. Very Americana stuff, their games. lol

Still one of my favorite companies. I know people are iffy on them here but I just take ea. game as just software and don't really care too much abt. hardware/company co.. Lol.

How are you guys doing here though? Getting ready for Christmas? I live here in The Philippines now but I'm still very American and live a very American lifestyle like having all the electricity on and the house ready to explode. LOL.

Anyway have a good one you guys! :)

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Re: Just finished another run of Lunar 2.

Post by Kizyr »

I still have the Arc the Lad collection... completely unopened. I know it'd be worth a ton if I decided to part with it but I really do mean to play it one day soon. Though it's that, Growlanser, and Vanguard Bandits as the 3 main Working Designs-localized RPGs that I have yet to play.

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Re: Just finished another run of Lunar 2.

Post by ShugoHanasaki »

I'm the same where I play it once a year, but not specifically Christmas. I've played both games so many times over and they still hit me in the feels. I'm glad they are for you too.
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