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Posting Rules

Post by GhaleonOne »

Posting Rules

1) No Spamming

Spamming here refers mainly to posting the same thing over and over and over. This includes solicited advertisements and websites, but that's only a problem with repeat posting within a short span of time (e.g., advertising your new website every week, or posting every day telling people to join your forums).

However we still encourage you to post about your website. We have The Arts board set aside for that sort of thing, so if you have your own message board, website, fanart, fanfics, or whatever (fanfics and fanart can go in any of the related Lunar or Gaming boards, too), then by all means feel free to post it there. But please don't repost the same advertisement/plug over and over--the excess posts will be deleted and you'll be warned.

2) No Flaming

Flaming is directly and personally attacking another user or inciting a fight. This includes personal insults, threats, etc. We do encourage debate, but we don't want it to break down into fighting.

If you are unsure, then read over your own post before submitting it and see if you're respecting the other person's opinion. If you disagree with someone, or even if you want to start a discussion and try to prove them wrong, then there's a big difference between that and insulting their point of view. Please learn the difference before engaging in any debate.

3) No Policing

If you believe there is a problem with another person breaking the rules, then please notify us via PM first and foremost, rather than simply attacking the other user. It gets very difficult when the admins are accused of taking sides, and by telling someone "this and this you're doing is against the rules" doesn't help us any. We would much rather handle problems without the fuss, so we request that you use the PM feature.

4) No Excessive One-Liners

This is a message board, not a chat room. So if you're only posting short, one-line posts then it will become a problem.

A few one-liners here and there is ok, and also if you're simply asking a question (e.g., "Could you give us a link to that site?") then a one-liner is fine. But if all you're saying is stuff like "I agree", "That's cool", "j00 5u}{0r5!!11", etc. then it's pointless. Seriously, if you're making a post that short then you can live without it. If you find your short posts being deleted, then please begin to post more carefully.

And no posting just to up your rank. The ranks are meant for fun and we'd hate to have to remove them due to abuse.

5) No Double-Posting

Double-posting is making one post immediately following another one of your own messages.

Please do NOT double-post to respond to multiple people in a thread; respond to everyone in just one post. Also, please do not make a double-post soon after (within a day or two) of your original post. If you feel you have to add something else, then use the EDIT button (it appears in the upper-right of your post).

One exception is adding new information onto an old topic (e.g., a week or so has passed). In those kinds of circumstances, making a double-post is acceptable. In most circumstances, however, use the EDIT button.

6) Stay Generally On-Topic

It gets annoying if you make a post about one game you enjoy only to see it constantly change subject. Please, if a thread is about TSS, or Grandia, or FFX or whatever, then try to keep it generally about TSS, Grandia, FFX or whatever. If you simply must start a big discussion on another series unrelated to the thread, then simply make a new thread altogether. It's as easy as that.

7) Regarding Excessive Role-Playing

We're all RPG-lovers here, so naturally we like to RP. But, just like getting off-topic, it does get annoying when any discussion or thread someone starts ends up as an informal RP between two or three people. So please, having some RP actions in your post is perfectly fine, but don't let it devolve into just role-playing back and forth, unrelated to the subject.

There is an exception, though. The Introductions board was set up as just a place to have fun. Introductions pretty much end up turning into informal RP's, so if you want to have some fun and just role-play a little in response to someone's introduction post, that's fine.

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Re: Posting Rules

Post by Kizyr »

One more thing occurs to me:

8) On posting on old topics

Some forums are real strict about 'reviving' old posts. We're not as strict, but there are some considerations. First, please consider the date of the last post when making a reply! Otherwise it might look rather silly commenting on an argument that happened a year ago.

Anyway, if you have anything new to add onto an old topic, feel free to revive it. If you want to comment on a topic that was around before you joined the forums, feel free to revive it. The only exception is, do not revive an old topic just to complain and rehash an old argument; otherwise, the topic will be locked. KF

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