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Postby brit » Tue Jul 19, 2016 12:51 am

So let’s talk Ys. Anyone else here happen to be a fan? If so what is your favorite Ys game?

I got into Ys around 2010 when XSEED released Ys Seven on the PSP. To me it was a fast-paced JRPG and I just fell in love with it. I mean I literally stayed up till 4 a.m. after classes just playing it. I loved the storyline, I loved the characters, and I loved the plot twist at the end. Like I never would have pegged that person for the final boss fight – no spoilers! After I beat it I was on such a high for more that I went out to the local GameStop and bought the other two premium edition box sets for I & II Chronicles and Oath of Felghana right after.

To this day Ys Seven is still my favorite game in the franchise.

I did buy Memories of Celceta on the PS Vita too when it came out, but I only played it a little because I got stuck super early on. Like I just picked it up again recently and finally got my third party member. XD

There’s also going to be a new game in the franchise hitting Japan on the 21st of this month. It’s called Lacrimosa of Dana and looks pretty good. Or at least I think so; I do wish they’d up scale the graphics a bit it still looks like it’s something that should be on the PSP. It’s said to be hitting PS Vita first and then the PS4 as well. Here's the actual Japanese site for the game.

Trailer for Lacrimosa of Dana.
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Re: Ys?

Postby Kizyr » Tue Jul 19, 2016 8:22 pm

Y'know, the only ones I've ever played have been Ys I and Ys II, on the PSP (I have the rerelease/remastered version for the PSP, which I'd recommend as it's quite fun).

I knew about the Ys series itself since, like, Ys IV was released. But I never actually got into it as a series. KF

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Re: Ys?

Postby Alunissage » Wed Jul 20, 2016 8:10 am

My husband got into it when Ys I+II was (were?) released on the TurboGrafx-CD. I think we have at least one version of all of them since then (including both IVs), and two of most. I haven't yet played any of them myself, but I watched him play I-III and VI (when it came out on PSsomething). I do really want to play most of them. VI was pretty neat. Oh, spouse just said he did finish Memories of Celceta. Sigh, so many things to play.

We have a lot of soundtracks, too. The Very Best of Ys and Symphony Ys '95 are two of my favorite soundtracks ever, especially the latter. (Not to be confused with Ys Symphony, which has one really good track and three unbelievably amateurish ones.) Anyone remember The GIA's April Fool's Day joke of Ys Infinity?

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Re: Ys?

Postby Sonic# » Thu Jul 21, 2016 9:49 pm

For a long time Ys was a series that I had heard of but had never played.

I finally got a chance when The Ark of Napishtim (Ys VI) was released on the PS2. That was a very intriguing action-RPG. I liked being able to switch between three elemental swords. There were enough puzzles to whet the appetite. Its pacing reminded me a lot of Alundra, down to some specific elements (like beginning the game with a shipwreck). The story was relatively bite-sized but enjoyable. I know it was reviewed rather average at the time, but I was very happy with it.

I haven't beaten any other Ys games. I did play Ys I+II, and I think I've played selections of one other. I don't know why I never got into the series as a whole.

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Re: Ys?

Postby Zero » Thu Sep 22, 2016 4:24 pm

Ys might be in my top 5 favorite video game franchises. My first Ys game was Book I & II that came with the Turbo Duo. It's hard to decide whether Oath in Felghana or Seven is my favorite. I actually enjoyed Memories of Celceta a lot as well. Definitely looking forward to Lacrimosa of DANA. It'll be cool to finally have a Ys game on a home-console again.
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Re: Ys?

Postby Nobiyuki77 » Mon Dec 12, 2016 1:09 am

Got into Ys this year. The games are seriously legit. I'mma have to go with Origins as my fav followed by Oath in Felghana.

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