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Phantom Kingdom

Postby Rino » Sun Aug 14, 2005 1:33 pm

This might be a bit late...

New S-RPG by Nippon Ichi. You know, the ones who did the Maaru Oukoku series, La Pucelle ~Hikari no Seijo Densetsu~, Makaisenki Disgaea, and Phantom Brave.

An English version has already been announced, and it seems that the English title will be "Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome". I have no bloody idea why. ... nking.html ... acredtome/

The Japanese version is being released on the 17th of March.

Translations of the main characters' names on the official site.

Maou Zeta (Demon King Zeta)
Yogensha Puramu (Prophet Pram/Plum/Plam/Prum/whatever)
Haikaishin Arekusandaa (God of Destruction Alexander)
Haitokusha Sarome (Corrupter Sarome)
Jashin Varuvoruga (Dark God Valvolga)
Nazo no Onna Torenia (Lady of Mystery Torenia)
Matei Roiyaru Kingu Daaku 3 Sei (Demon Emperor Royal King Dark III)
Meiou Shiidoru (Dark King Sheedol/Shiidol/Sheedor/Shiidor)
Ankokuryuu Babiron (Dark Dragon Babylon)

(Note- while it sounds like there're a lot of "dark"s being used, that's just a translation thing- I translate 邪, 冥, and 暗黒 to "dark", but they all differ in meaning- "邪" carries undertones of wickedness, while "冥" is often associated with the afterworld. "暗黒", on the other hand, is literally "darkness". Royal King Dark's name is in katakana, and is thus the only "Dark" in there which can completely be taken as, well, "Dark".)

"Generic Characters" (according to the site), or job classes.

Senshi (Otoko) <Warrior (Male)>
Senshi (Onna) <Warrior (Female)>
Majutsushi (Otoko) <Magician (Male)>
Majutsushi (Onna) <Magician (Female)>
Soodomasutaa (Otoko) <Swordmaster (Male)>
Purinii <Prinny>
Soodomasutaa (Onna) <Swordmaster (Female)>
Hohei (Otoko) <Infantry (Male)>
Hohei (Onna) <Infantry (Female)>
Mandoragora <Mandragora>
Eiseihei <Orderly>
Shounin <Merchant>
Desusaaberu <Deathsaber>
Hiiraa <Healer>
Mekanikku <Mechanic>
Touzoku (Thief)
Raijin (Lightning God)
Aachaa (Archer)

The gameplay looks like a mix between Disgaea's and Phantom Brave's, with a few new additions (the biggest, I suppose, would be the addition of buildings). The combo system, though, is the one from La Pucelle.

Spoilers. :<>


Hooray for the Disgaea cast returning for the third game in a row.


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