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Re: What Are You Currently Playing?

Post by Sonic# »

I never disliked Squall, but I was pleased to realize that my memory of him as a moody teenager had skipped over how thoughtful and reticent he could be.

I've been playing Star Ocean: First Departure R on the Switch. I'm trying to do it entirely blind and without a guide, which is proving interesting because the battle difficulty has spiked several times, I've found out that the skill system has a few points for manipulation, and I know I'm missing possible branches for recruiting characters. I finally had to take a peek at a guide to solve a recent puzzle involving moon phases, which had clues too abstruse for me to deal with them last night.

Still, I'm enjoying the run. I've always appreciated settings that blend sci-tech and fantasy. I'm intrigued by the bits of story that have been established here and there. The game can cut from scene to scene at a very quick pace - I think in the first hour there was a sequence of scenes that went from ship -> Moon -> ship -> second planet -> third planet in ten minutes. The cuts were sudden - no nonsense with transitioning ships or finding waypoints. Xenosaga would have had the same journey last hours; Star Ocean is very deliberate about situating players on a world map without worrying about the nuances of interstellar travel.

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Re: What Are You Currently Playing?

Post by ShugoHanasaki »

Finishing up LOh Trails of Cold Steel Part 4! Amazing game!!! I'm going to %100 it. Afterwards I'll be playing Ys IX (^.^)
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Re: What Are You Currently Playing?

Post by Kizyr »

VidKid369 wrote: Thu Mar 18, 2021 10:40 pm Hey, guys!! I 100% completed Alundra yesterday - I got all 40 Life Vessels, 50 Gilded Falcons, the 4 Magic Seeds/Books and I got the Legend Sword & Spirit Wand. 🙂 I dunno how hard this's to do but I'm sorta proud of myself lol!

I enjoyed the game I usually enjoy Working Designs's writing and the gameplay was really fun although the puzzles were pretty challenging I mostly referred to the official guide for nearly all of them. The game is pretty dark but I enjoyed the ending.
Did you find it extremely hard by chance (at least combat-wise)? I remember it being a really good challenge, but not, say, "classic Nintendo-hard" levels. But years later it's gained this status as a legendarily-difficult action RPG and I'm wondering if anyone else found it this way.

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Re: What Are You Currently Playing?

Post by VidKid369 »

Yeah, I thought it was pretty hard at first. The early enemies were really annoying and I'm sure I died at least once or twice. I thought timing the jumps were really hard though and some-to-most of the puzzles require you to time jumps perfectly from platform to platform to get through a room. I thought finding the Life Vessels and Gilded Falcons were really annoying, too.

But, after I got the Legend Sword it made all the fighting through the enemies pretty whatever, like I never thought about it anymore and it turned some of the boss battles into 2-3 hit-quits. Definitely get the Legend Sword it makes the game much easier.

The puzzles were also pretty hard but I have the WD strategy guide so I pretty much knew what to do even when executing it seemed mash-able. After playing through it once, I kinda have a better idea on what to do on my own, should I decide to re-play it lol. I had tons of fun with the game though, like I knew I would, I love all of WD's games. It just honestly makes me want to play Zelda.

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