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Re: Ghaleon Cosplay

Posted: Mon Jun 05, 2017 3:18 am
by Shinto-Cetra
Kizyr wrote:Nice! Like the new armor {^^}

Shinto-Cetra wrote:So I now work at a fabric store, and look what my newest sewing project was...And yes new armor is incoming.
For my next eventual Ghaleon video, might anyone find it entertaining if I reviewed Lunar games/manga AS GHALEON? It would be very meta for sure.

I remember someone several years ago reviewed the punching puppets as Ghaleon. My memory is totally hazy but... was that you?

Regardless I'd definitely get a kick out of it =D.KF

Thanks Kizyr! I've never done a review of the punching puppet as Ghaleon though. My first public appearance as Ghaleon is the first vid in this thread, early 2015. And thanks for the input, that Lunar review will be done eventually, it'll probably take more planning than the others, so I don't know when.