In the mood for some Funkadelic Thrashing Circus Ska?

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In the mood for some Funkadelic Thrashing Circus Ska?

Postby DeathBeforeDenial » Sun Apr 15, 2007 7:24 am

Then you need Mr. Bungle.

They were a side project of John Zorn and Mike Patton during Patton's early Faith No More days, and they are amazing.

A textbook example (If that is possible) of avant-garde experimental music. They have it all from thrash metal, to Beach Boys style surf music, to Italian Opera singing, to Funk R&B, to creepy 70's Organ etc etc.

They encompass in a single song up to a dozen different styles of music switching seemlessly from one to another. And here's the kicker, all the musicians in Mr. Bungle are freaking amazing! Able to play each style as if it were all they ever played. And Mike Patton is a great vocalist, capable of adapting to each range and style and make it his own.

Plus they are hilarious, initially the humor is hard to pick up but once you have heard the album a half-dozen times you can pick up all the little jokes they throw in from the more overt video-game music, to the more obscure and quiet pieces of audio that capture a freight-train hopping adventure followed by running from a cop.

If you have an open mind about music and are in the mood for something that will take you in a bunch of differnt directions and never allow you to expect the outcome of the performance than Mr. Bungle is for you. it's not for everyone, but as a musician I can stand by my recommendation to, at the very least other musicians.

Disco Volante is by far the most "out there" album by Mr. Bungle, but it's my favorite. If you had to start with something I would suggest either their Self Titled album or California.

Art + Music + Comedy = Awesome.
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