Capcom suing!

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Capcom suing!

Postby jay_are » Mon Sep 01, 2014 4:41 pm

(Maybe this goes in general gaming? but since it's about a company issue and not its games themselves I'm putting it here.) ... fringement

So Capcom has been a really bad boy these years, starting in summer 2011 with the cancellation of MegaMan Legends 3.
I kinda forgave them a little with Duck Tales Remastered, but Capcom has done nothing with the MegaMan franchise other than sell items, toys, digital music, or really just anything ever conceived EXCEPT videogames, which is what the fans asked for, not the other stuff.

Then it was known that they were in a bad economic position and even open to be bought as a company! Even then, they still released random stuff, gave game sales... and now, suing Koei Tecmo. XD What a great way to make money in desperate times.
I find that really a low cheap thing to do and a bad idea, think Studio Alex, since it is assumed it was their suing that ended hopes for new Lunar games, even if GameArts can still release remakes.
But even worse, is that some of the stuff they're suing for are old PS2 games!!
The PS2 was even considered old in 2007 already, and NOW they're suing for those games??

I dont like wishing anyone bad fortune, but why not, when Capcom is already doing a great job at it?
They need a really good punishment or they will never learn.

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Re: Capcom suing!

Postby Leo » Sun Nov 02, 2014 7:22 am

Video game companies in general can and do overreact in absurd and whiny ways. Threatening legal action over rom hacks that nobody ever had any intentions of selling, for example.

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