The Director Game.

For discussion of Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, the PSP remake of Lunar 1
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Re: The Director Game.

Postby liquidpolicenaut » Wed May 20, 2009 1:52 am

Alunissage wrote:Regarding the PSX music, keep in mind that it sounded much better on the Japanese-only Saturn versions. I will say that my initial reaction to SSSC's music was very negative, but it grew on me.

Actually, I bought the Saturn version on its release day back in '96 and thats what I based my opinion on. Though the PSX was a bit worse due to the PSX limits itself, overall the music is pretty much identical and, sadly, they still dont hold up for me. Oddly enough, although WD went out of their way to add tracks from TSS to the soundtrack for SSSC, those versions dont sound as good as the originals. I DO give them credit for throwing in the piano theme when Althenas Fortress goes down...made me tear up just a bit :)

Alunissage wrote:I do sometimes wish I'd played EB before SSSC; had I done so I might have had a much different opinion of many things in SSSC, including the music.

How so?
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Re: The Director Game.

Postby Alunissage » Wed May 20, 2009 2:41 am

Well, I think some of EB's music was not as well orchestrated as TSS's -- the normal battle music, i.e. the piece you hear the most, comes to mind as being less dynamic, and of course there's the groanworthy cave music which is simply ugly yet was reprised in SSSC and even paraphrased in Genesis. SSSC's music would have been less of a step down from EB's than from TSS's, and that dreadful cave music would at least have made some sense. Likewise, I didn't like Althena's theme (first heard in Luna's introduction) as much as I liked the melody in TSS, but if I'd played EB first I'd have already associated it with Althena so it wouldn't have just sounded like a somewhat weakened imitation of her TSS song. Or rather, I would have already had that reaction when playing EB (and wouldn't have expected the TSS song specifically in EB, probably).

There are other aspects of SSSC that might not have stuck out so much if I'd played EB first too, like the inventories, magic, and statues. I think there would have been a lot less expectation that EB be like TSS since it does after all take place centuries later and have different geography and all. But playing SSSC after TSS, without even knowing that EB existed, resulted in a lot of changes adding up to a far less enjoyable initial experience that had to be overcome by the game's other virtues (which are pretty much entirely the multiple character portraits and the greater amount of text).

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Re: The Director Game.

Postby Zalbag » Wed May 20, 2009 4:56 am

Maybe more live music (strings, etc) more acoustic tuning and less midi.

I'd like to have a music sheet book released for this (officially) and possibly have a soundtrack (full score) come with it too, or even sold separately :D

And keep original voice cast :D
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