Does anyone else do this

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Does anyone else do this

Postby Lathaine » Fri Sep 25, 2015 7:45 pm

I have been stretching my minds eye to be able to see things in Lunar animation style. If I was an artist I could draw some stills of new scenes in the Lunar style, but unfortunately I'm not an artist. Does anyone else do this?

I think I'll reply to this post with the scenes my mind's eye conjures up like watching the anime sequences in Lunar.

One I have in my memory is of a panorama looking down at an angle that seems very Lunar at a green plan with mountains down in the Lunar style. There is a town in the middle with brown buildings and high pitched roofs again done in the Lunar style shape, line, shading, and coloration. The town is circular. Zophar comes down out of the sky in the form he first has in Lunar EBC. His eyes looking over the town. I have more and I'll share them as well for fun by just replying to this thread or editing it.

I just wondered if anyone else does this.


I also have in my mind's eye a battle scene in the frontier against the tanks Ghaleon uses in some dungeons. It is complicated. Kyle rushes forward looking fierce and Mia conjures magic that is blue and yellow and produces ice. The tank they are up against comes into view next as the camera changes position. The tank, which is the first model with the steam gun, is in the foreground but you look over its shoulder to the left above its tread with them in the background.

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Re: Does anyone else do this

Postby Ηiro » Sun Sep 27, 2015 4:56 am

You're certainly engaging with the game on different levels... This is actually one of the few games I actually take for the value it gives off without having to envision much else - I usually get lots of satisfaction just taking in what I feel it's giving. For me, it's more like a mental replay, haha.
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