Lunar silver Star Harmony HD psn

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Lunar silver Star Harmony HD psn

Postby jos24 » Sun Sep 20, 2015 4:11 am

Lunar 2 now in psn perhaps the next release is lunar sss or lunar ssh hd you who think
I personally want a hd version lunarssh for PS4 and PS3
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Re: Lunar silver Star Harmony HD psn

Postby jay_are » Sun Sep 20, 2015 7:06 am

But the fans might get angry at another Silver Star Story if given RIGHT NOW.
However, things could go better depending on what order the games come in.
Lunar 2 Eternal Blue's PSN release has had like near 100% positive feedback.

Realistically, they will probably re-release Lunar 1 on PSN.

After that, if man can dream, I think the best possible thing is a proper HD remake of Lunar 2 instead of 1. Simply because it's still the game with the less remakes. They can worry about Lunar 1 after that. If they manage to make an excellent engine for Lunar 2 , then they can apply that to Lunar 1 and finish what they tried to do with the PSP version.

After all that, if man is still alive, the only thing left is... the Lunar 3 game, that will likely not happen.
If they can't create a new Lunar but still feel enthusiastic to work more with the series, fixing and upgrading Magic School should be it.

Edit: Also, as posted in the thread I made (Link), the GameArts archives has now opened 1 more slot for a new game release! Note that whatever they put there has nothing to do with USA releases, but here's hoping for Japanese Lunar 1 : )

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