LunarNET Web Clip For iphone-itouch

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LunarNET Web Clip For iphone-itouch

Post by Sadrin »

Hey just an idea!! LunarNet should have a web clip on the forum index and on the mainsite. Umm... look here... ... urupdate2/

I've been trying to make a web clip but it just doesnt look right :( and i really want one being as 1) This is the best Lunar site 2) my iphone is with me always 3) it would make lunarNET as one of the first sites to have a web clip? 4) and its just new technology!

I'm kinda thinking of it as... anyone know those square boxes with the black pixels they put all over japanese products? I think if you take a picture of it with your phone it brings you to a website? Like a price scanner at the store! ^_^
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