A Translation Patch [for Walking School] is Almost Ready!

For discussion of Magical School Lunar, for the Saturn, and its predecessor Lunar: Walking School, for the Game Gear
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Re: A Translation Patch [for Walking School] is Almost Ready!

Postby ilovemyguitar » Mon Dec 14, 2009 9:23 am

This is fantastic! I'm really looking forward to get a chance to actually play through this.

I've been thinking about Walking School/Magic School Lunar! lately. I had actually been kicking around the idea of tracking down an imported copy of MSL! and a Saturn and using Kizyr's guide to get through the game. Now i'm holding off in case this seemingly renewed interest in Lunar on GameArts's part pans out into an eventual PSP remake of MSL being officially translated into English. That would seriously be almost as good as a console Lunar 3 for me.

Regardless, I'm super-excited to know that I'll be able to play the Game Gear version in English. Yay!

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Re: A Translation Patch [for Walking School] is Almost Ready!

Postby Justinzero » Thu Dec 17, 2009 6:29 pm

Hey guys, I'm just copying the post I made at a few other boards. I'm just too excited about this, I had to spread the word.

Its been a long time coming, but famous FanTranslator GideonZhi, has announced the upcoming release of Lunar Walking Schools translation patch.

(In other words, barring any major disasters or bugs, the LUNAR patch is coming tomorrow.)

You can check up on all the action here:


And spend some time at the main site here:


NOTE - There are no roms, and no links to roms provided here, or at any of the sites linked.

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