Grand Battle of Magic Emperor

For discussion of Lunar: The Silver Star, the original game for the Sega CD
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Grand Battle of Magic Emperor

Post by Atticus »

Well am at part were invade the Grindery
but want know what common lv most was
My stats and such are
Kyle Lv 53
Insane Sword
Insane Armor
Steel Helmet
Iron Gauntlet
Diamond Ring

Alex Lv 53
*All Dragon stuff*
Iron Gauntlet
Cascade Ring

Mia Lv 52
*Also ask Should I keep her with Recovery Cane due to its free healing or Use the Goddess Cane?*
Holy Clothes
Diamond Ring

Jessica Lv 50
Silver Claw
Saint Clothes
Holy Shield
Diamond Ring

Nash Lv 52
Pixie's Bow
Holy Clothers
Cascade Ring
Mia's Bromide *No idea if does anything his stats was to lazy look I just felt should leave it on him :P*

I thinking maybe should go lv 60 before I try run at it
But what you all think?

Edit: NM I lved some and tryed run at it
End got VARY close as the Magic Emperor went for all Mages *who had all healing/Magic Items*
Came down to Kyle (who had 3 items 2 heal alls and Seed for Alex's Magic) and Alex
Kyle was geting ready kick dirt with rest after he used items keep him self alive I used Magic item on Alex but Alex Got the final Blow in
and I got SStar done
Now Only Magic School is only Lunar game *in one form or anyther* I havent beaten

I injoyed game vary much but sad wasnt as long as 2ed game
But still Injoyed I hope find PS1 copy and play it as well one day :P
Thxs all who helped in any problems I asked about

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Post by Bravo 29 »

I know my whole team was over level 60 when I attempted the final battles. I hardly ever ran, hardly ever died, and never used Psychotron [dungeon escape spell]. I fought my way in and out of every dungeon. Fortunately, you can restore your party in two areas of the Grindery, but once you're inside, you can't use Psychotron or even the Wings to escape. You'd have to fight your way out, and at that point, I deemed it a waste of time, so I just fought to the end. One last warning, once you start the final battles, there's no going back, so prepare yourself well in advance for the finale. Good luck.

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